SafeFantasyToys.com is a directory of body-safe adult toys, focusing on independent shops who specialize in insertable toys made of materials like silicone, glass, wood, stainless steel, and stone.
If you go to the average, everyday retail site that just-so-happens to sell sex toys, you'll find a lot of intentionally phallic, "realistic" dildos. Seeing this over and over, I began to think about how dildos were toys, not replacements, and what about people who don't care about simulating dick? Where's the color, the glitter, the sense of humor? You can find less phallic dildos in colors other than skin pretty easily with sex toy specific retailers – though most of those options are monochromatic pink or purple (boring!) – but what about something more artistic? What about something more fun?

That thought almost immediately led to the land of fantasy dildos. I soon learned that certain popular toys of yore (like, say, the Sex and the City rabbit vibrator) aren't really even that safe to use. Then why are products made from unsafe, porous materials still being sold in places people new to sex toys are most likely to buy from? Good question. Regardless, the safer toy market has proven to be huge. I've definitely been entertained with the breadth of options thanks in part to the malleability of silicone, and I've even found out about toys I never knew existed.

I can't be the only person who didn't know about some of this, so I decided to share my finds in one central location, with emphasis on dildos and insertable toys. While I'm at it, I'm going to link to other things I've found along the way that are more generally sex toy and sex education related. If you need help navigating the site and understanding the terminology used here, check out the terminology page.

Finally, whether or not you're interested in any kind of sex toy, think of this site as educational. If your education includes believing that dildos lead to people-who-like-men hating actual dick, you're going to want to stick to the education & information side of the site as that isn't logical.

Please, please, please use common sense and do research on any shop or toy you're interested in before purchasing. Think of this website as one of many resources. If you need help, check the articles page. The toy community on both Reddit and Twitter are also helpful places to ask questions.
If you need to contact me, the email below should suffice. If I've listed a manufacturer's country or material wrong, or a website has gone dark or moved location, feel free to let me know.

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Last Updated August 2023