Materials? Types? Designs? Explaining the Unexplainable
With the early 2023 redesign, I've shifted around and simplified some of the old tags & categories attributed to shops to make more sense at a glance. Even still, a dictionary of terms is helpful.



Materials: Ceramic, Glass, Silicone, Steel, Stone & Crystal, Wood
The vast majority of independent makers use platinum-cured silicone in their toys, but some exclusively do wood, ceramic, or glass toys. There's argument for/against all of these as being safe to use but they're all safer than plastic or whatever you have laying around the house.



At this time nearly every site I've included has a focus on insertables since that's where the element of safety can go awry. The main idea here is dildos, whether it's the type that gets held, suctioned to something, worn, or put in a harness.

Plugs/Vaginal Plugs
These are two tags to be clear on advertising for the few that specifically say they've made plugs for vaginal use, but generally plugs refer to anal use.

This refers to the standard retail idea of kegel or ben wa balls, the more independent silicone round-ish shaped sculptures, and the silicone eggs or egg-making kits one might use for ovipositor (egg-depositing) toys. Use your judgment.

These are penis toys like sleeves, strokers, and ye olde pocket pussies.

Basically all cock rings.

Some independent makers make tiny versions of their popular toys just for fun. Many companies make squishy discs or sample toy sets that you can buy to test the hardness of their products before spending $90 on something that's too hard or too soft for you that you can't return. And a select few make sculptures or literal toys that theoretically might be sex toys but can actually be displayed in the living room.



These tags refer to the size of the toy. Some sites include mini or small versions of a standard size toy as well as large or extremely large version of their toys. Others specialize in longer or thicker toys.

Both tags refer to the basic texture of a store's selection of insertable toys. Smooth would be unusually smooth for standard dildos, meaning no texture except the material itself. Texture refers to obvious bumps, ridges, or sculpted toys that are meant for playing around with texture.

These stores have toys that don't look very much like penises... unless you're 12. We are all 12. But some toys don't look like sex toys at all.

In brief, toys with circular ridges and soft waves that appear akin to aquatic animals.

These are highly textured surfaces not necessarily meant for insertion. They're sometimes called rubbing pads.

Insertion toys that are either dual-ended (two ends) or have multiple heads (one base, two heads).

These are toys with small tubes meant to simulate bodily functions.

Glow in the Dark
Exactly what you think it is.

Unicorn Horn
All of these refer to the vaguely triangular, often descending ridge toys that look a lot like a unicorn horn.

Think leaves and fairies.

Think probes and space movie tropes.

Think humanoid beasts.

Think horses and dogs.

Think metallic objects.

Think pop culture references.

Think coffins and skulls.

Think ice cream and bread. Yes, there are bread dildos.


I've tagged a few singular, self-explanatory items as well, so if you go digging you'll find some of those. In all likelihood I've missed a few here and there, and some websites have an ever-changing inventory, so if I've gotten something horribly wrong, let me know.

Last Updated January 2023